2040 Hay Terrace, Wilson Borough, PA 18042
Call Us: 610-258-6142
Email Us: boroughsecretary@wilsonborough.org



Borough government consists of a Council of nine elected members, three from each of the three wards, and a Mayor.

Council meetings are held the second and fourth Monday of each month. Meetings are held in Council Chambers of the Guy Tomino Municipal Building located at 2040 Hay Terrace.


David Perusso

Council President:

Leonard Feinberg

Council Vice-President

Joan Lilly-Kemmerer

Council Members:

  • James McGowan
  • Louis Starniri
  • David Jones
  • Russ Lipari
  • Matthew Larimer
  • Winnie ¬†Howey
  • Pamela Taylor


  • Other officials include:
  • Animal Control Officer Phil Bell
  • Elected State Constable for Ward #1 Fred Schoenenberger
  • Health Officer Theodore Veresink
  • Electrical¬†Inspector Mike Collins

Zoning Board

  • Janis Galitzeck
  • Sharlene Laureigh
  • Janice Viglianti

 Recreation Board

  • Kevin Coyle
  • Joan Lilly-Kemmerer
  • David Seiple
  • Matthew Larimer
  • Charles Marstellar
  • Atalie Luhrs
  • Jeffrey Lewert
  • Careen Ravier
  • Cindy Rosenkrantz

Civil Service Commission

  • Tom Hockin
  • Linda Rush
  • Sharlene Laureigh

Planning Commission

  • Leonard Feinberg
  • Willie Keck
  • Terry Balcavage
  • Winnie Howey
  • Mark Rosenkranz
  • Shannon Heckman
  • Bob Milositz

Shade Tree Commission

  • Pamela Taylor
  • Scott Comfort